Thursday, April 24, 2014

Confetti Does Canine Cantina...

Canine Cantina

So yesterday a few of my sorority sisters & I went to happy hour to help out the Dallas SPCA at Mutts Canine Cantina. One of my sweet girlfriends helped organize the event & helped get it all together, so of course we went out to support! Getting to look at cute pups and have a margarita all for a good cause? Sign me up! This was my first experience at the Canine Cantina… probably because A) I don’t actually have a dog, and B) refer back to A. But I knew once I got the invitation I couldn’t turn it down, especially since during ‘yappy hour’ drinks are only $3! Not only do they make one fabulous margarita, they also have a variety of wine, beer, and special treats for you & your four-legged friend, such as the ‘Doggy Dessert’. How cute is that?!

The girls and I grabbed our beverages, were given complimentary french fries by the SPCA volunteers, and sat down at one of the bright yellow picnic tables. The whole scene is adorable, and totally chic for a dog park. In my opinion, Mutts Canine Cantina is very Dallas. Throwing back cocktails while watching your pups run around.. what other dog park has that kind of luxury?! Just another reason why everything is better in Texas.

The crazy one on the left decided she was too good to play with the other dogs, & jumped the fence. So that was fun. And she got her attitude from the crazy one on the right. :)

So all & all it was a great happy yappy hour! Can't wait to return when I have my own little pup to take. Or when I get a craving for another $3 margarita...whichever comes first!

Thanks for taking a peek inside my closet! 


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