Monday, June 9, 2014

Confetti's Captured Moments...

Confetti's Captured Moments

through Instagram…

Pretty in pink peonies that I picked up. Only $5.99 at Tom Thumb! 

@thepilatesbarre before getting my booty kicked..
 (but literally...couldn't walk for like 2 days!)

How amazing (& Texan) are these pink cactus blooms?! I have never seen anything like it! These were on display at my favorite mall - Northpark. Wish I could plant some for myself! 

Just a little dressing room fun ;) Trying on outfits for the charity event- 6th Annual Pink Party!
(Gianni Bini dress found at Dillards)

The Drybar. My absolute favorite place to be on any given day. A glass of bubbly & a blowout?! 
Yes, please! 

& Alli Webb, founder, even tweeted at me! Day. Made.

Glammed up selfie. Ready to go to the #pinkparty! 
Uber has become a must when going out in Dallas. 
(& they even gave a discount for those going to the party! Win-win!)


An amazing party for an even more amazing cause. 

#pinkparty #VIP ;)

& I finally received my MARFA tee from Southward Apparel!
It's adorable. It met all of my expectations & is soo comfy! A must have. 


Friday, June 6, 2014

Confetti Eats Cake for Breakfast...

If Kate Spade says it’s okay to eat cake for breakfast, then obviously I’m not going to argue with that.


Okay, so all you ladies on a diet right now are probably going to hate me for this..but it’s National Donut Day! Remember to always treat yourself & find a reason to celebrate everyday. Toss some confetti in the air! 

Or maybe indulge in a donut (or 2…)

all pictures complimentary of Pinterest 

& I’m pretty sure I need this little cutie for summer days at the pool.

 Happy Friday everyone! 
& remember... calories don't count on holidays. ;)