Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Confetti's Currently Craving...

What I Want

It’s around this time of year that every woman wants to update her wardrobe, and put a new (& fashionable) spring in her step! That’s where ‘What I Want Wednesday’ comes into play. Every Wednesday I will post outfits & accessories that I’ve been eyeing & craving, in hopes of giving you a little wardrobe inspiration of your own!  

What I Want: Clockwise from left. 
1. MARFA Tee 
I just ordered this tee & can't wait to get it in the mail!
I look at leopard as a neutral. It pairs well with almost anything, & adds a touch of sass. 
Not only is the color amazing, but I thought the name was appropriate ;)

Remember to always find a reason to celebrate everyday! Whether it’s because you just bought a fab new item, or just because it’s Wednesday, which means we’re that much closer to the weekend!

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Confetti Celebrates the Royal Anniversary...

A Royal Anniversary..
with a Royal Wardrobe to Match…

In honor of the third anniversary of the royal wedding  today, I decided to take a peek inside the fabulous-ness that is Kate Middleton’s wardrobe, and share some of my favorite looks. From elegantly feminine, to looking casual chic, this woman can do no wrong! Her style is amazing, glamorous, & something we’re all envy of… 
Oh, what a girl could do with a royal budget (le sigh).

& of course the dress that started it all…

I think we can all agree that Kate’s wardrobe is perfectly fit for a queen. 
And we can’t deny the one accessory that makes every outfit complete…