Wednesday, April 23, 2014

All About Agate...

All About


So lately I’ve totally become obsessed with everything agate. These bright & colorful gems add a pop of color that will be sure to draw attention! As my love grew for these beauties, I started noticing them everywhere! Home decor magazines, Pinterest, Etsy, department stores, etc… so I figured I must not be the only one wanting to add a touch of agate to my décor. 

Agate makes for a touch of glamour no matter how it is used. Whether it be coasters used for entertaining, a lamp to brighten up your nightstand, a knob to add some pop to that rustic cabinet, or a piece of agate wall art, there is no doubt these crystalized rocks will add a touch of glam to your home. Not only can you buy agate pieces, but there are also a ton of great & easy DIY's out there! 

I definitely plan on adding touches of colorful agate pieces to my home to brighten up for spring! Here are a few of my favorite ways to use agate throughout the home:

Thank you for taking a peek inside my closet!


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