Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Confetti's Currently Craving...

What I Want

It’s always a little difficult to choose just a handful of things that I’m currently craving (I’m sure you girls can understand), so this weeks list is a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. There are some home décor pieces, as well as accessories, beauty bits & girly items galore!

Take a peek inside my closet to see some of the items that I’m currently craving:

1.      Bobbi Brown ‘beach’ Body Oil. This moisturizing body oil will give your skin a hint of sheen & glow, while giving off a sexy beach-y scent. Totally perfect for summer!

2.      PEONIES! I just bought a bouquet last night for my apartment. ($5.99 for a bouquet at Tom Thumb of all places!) I love how these fragrant buds instantly light up a room. They are romantic & girly- which probably explains why they are my absolute favorite flower!

3.      This cork Tory Burch iPhone case with flecks of metallic gold is absolutely divine!

4.      I have been coveting this Jen Ramos LOVE print forever!! I would love to hang it in my bedroom or bathroom. This glam print would also look amazing on a gallery wall!

5.      These sleep masks are a girls dream! I have always had an obsession with sleep masks. You can ask any of my old roommates, I was always that girl that slept with a sleeping mask…but I can’t help it! Especially when they are this adorable. I will be ordering one of these cuties ASAP!

6.      This Dahlia Chandelier from Pottery Barn is sure to bring warmth, and a little touch of bohemian chic to any room.

7.      The Volupte Sheer Candy lipgloss by YSL is sure to add the perfect pop of color to your lips. It comes in a ton of different shades, but my eye has been on this amazing hue – Cool Guava. This sheer color is perfect for that ‘barely there’ makeup look.

8.      Last but not least- another adorable iPhone accessory. This Kate Spade case is sure to bring a smile to your face every time you check your phone! Hello Sunshine! :)

Happy Wednesday everyone! 


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